Editorial License

maximofootage License Agreement

1. You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use 'maximofootage' video clips in your entertainment stories, all media and worldwide use.
2. 'maximofootage' video clips are 'Rights Managed' and for editorial use only.
3. 'maximofootage' video clips are for 'one-time use' and per 'single project' only. To re-use any purchased 'maximofootage' video clip, you need to purchase them again.
4. 'maximofootage' video clips can not be used as whole. They need to be synchronized with other clips, music, pics, etc within your story.
5. 'maximofootage' video clips don't come with any model, background music, property or talent releases.
6. No refunds are given after purchasing 'maximofootage' video clips.
7. We will keep track of all downloads and monitor use of 'maximofootage' video clips at all times.
8. maximofootage reserves the right to pursue any unauthorized persons that use 'maximofootage' video clips. Any violation of the Intellectual Property rights related to 'maximofootage' video clips may result in liability for injunctive relief as well as damages in the form of actual damages for loss of income, profits derived from the unauthorized use of 'maximofootage' video clips, and, where appropriate, attorney fees, other costs of collection and/or statutory damages.
9. If credits, please use 'maximofootage'